Tasman Eco Amore Bassinet with Mattress

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The Tasman Eco Amore Bassinette is perfect for baby's first months, providing a stylish, yet cosy sleeping space. Suitable age from birth to 9 kgs approx.

The Amore bassinet is suitable up to 6 months, it is practical and easily moved from one room to another so your baby can sleep wherever you are in the house. It has mesh sides to improve airflow around your sleeping baby.

There are no current standards for Bassinets in Australia, however Choice tested a number of Bassinets from leading manufacturers to general standards used for cots and other baby products and the Amore Bassinet or the TE108 was the only one it recommended. Mattress included.

Overall dimensions are 84 cm long x 84 cm high x 54 cm wide