Infa Secure Accomplish Premium 6 Months to 8 Years Convertible Car Seat


Introducing the new Accomplish Premium from Infasecure. This premium car seat provides an unparalleled level of comfort for larger toddlers and children. The Infasecure Accomplish Premium is suitable from a large 6 month old through to a large 8 year old, so your will travel in comfort and style right through their forward facing years.

Features Include:

  • Active Bamboo_Circle Premium Materials and Comfort
  • Secur-airPremium Safety; Air Cocoon Technology
  • Buckle holders keep shoulder straps out of the way when placing your child in the seat.
  • The twist-hesitant straps ensure a safe and comfortable harness fit every time.
  • All new labelling across the Accomplish is designed to be easier to understand and use.
  • It comes with a free In Case Of Emergency label with every seat.
  • The Gradual Recline system is extremely easy to use. It allows unrestricted recline positions which can be changed without removing the restraint from the vehicle.
  • The Twist & Lift™ technology also allows for one-handed adjustment of the headrest and harness from the front of the seat.
  • No rethreading straps, no uninstalling, allowing for the perfect fit in seconds. In addition
  • Pop out cup holders, a fabric seat protector
  • Premium After Sales Care;By purchasing Accomplish Premium and registering your warranty with us, you’re automatically enrolled in our Premium Customer program. Receive lifetime discounts on spare parts and covers, early and exclusive access to events and promotions, priority customer care and much, much more.