Roger Armstrong Kleine Dreumes Kid Sit Board

$189.00 Regular price $219.00

The Kleine Dreumes Kid-Sit is a ride on board and seat all in one. It may be the perfect solution for the family who has a toddler and infant, but doesn't want to give up their high tech stroller. Or doesn't want to buy a whole new stroller because the tot balks at riding in a stroller seat, but is too young to walk long distances.

It is designed to fit on most strollers with horizontal rear axles, and can be used with or without the seat. The board rests on the axle and is fastened with straps. And the seat just snaps on and off of the board. Holds up to 18kg and attaches to a large range of strollers with rear wheel axles. No tools are required to attach the Kid Sit - easy to install and remove.