Cilek Oval Bamboo+ Mattress (90x195x19 cm)

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Cilek Oval Mattress


Width: 90 cm | Height: 19 cm | Depth: 195 cm

Bamboo+ Mattress brings the goodness of nature to your sleep. A bed is the foundation of comfort. Your bed is the most decisive factor for a healthy sleep. It should be of good quality and comfortable.

The knitting fabric of our bed is designed from natural bamboo yarns. Bamboo has a natural and breathable light structure. In this way, it provides a comfortable sleep by adapting to your body temperature. It gives a soft, comfortable sleeping feeling.

Bamboo, which has the feature of drying 4 times faster than other fabrics and raw materials, quickly transfers the moisture and liquid to the air, stays cool even on the hottest summer days.

Bamboo element with anti-allergic properties absorbs moisture best and facilitates breathing. In this way, it creates a dry, healthy sleeping environment that prevents the proliferation of microorganisms that cause allergies.

Bamboo, a renewable raw material, is an organic, environmentally friendly and green production product.

Note: It is suitable for Biturbo and Turbomax Car Beds