Stokke Flexi Bath


- The Flexi Bath is a baby bath which is foldable, so that it doesn’t take up
space in the bathroom when you have finished bathing your little one.
- The Flexi Bath folds easily, so it can be stored flat against the wall, in
a cupboard, under a bed, etc. Also very useful for traveling.The Flexi Bath
is available in other funky colours for modern mums and bubs.
- It is PVC and phthalates free and has a non-slip bottom and surface, making
it safe, comfortable and environmentally responsible.

- Space saving.
- The only hard children’s bathtub which folds up flat.
- Does not contain phthalates or any other harmful materials.
- Non slip surface at the bottom of the bath.
- Can become a toy box or laundry basket when no longer needed as a bath.
- Size: (l) 66.5 x (w) 38.9 x (h) 23.8cm.