Babyrest Aster Nappy Bin

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Babyrest Aster Nappy Bin Terracotta


Experience graceful style and superior odour control with the Babyrest Aster! No longer must you settle for an eyesore of a nappy bin - the Aster beautifies your nursery with its stunning design, style, and finish.
What’s dropped inside stays inside!
Aster's superior odour-stop technology will ensure that unpleasant nappy smells stay locked away, letting you breathe easy!
Never see a dirty nappy again
Effortlessly open the bin with a simple flip of the handle, then drop the soiled nappy into the opening. When you close the bin, the protective seal keeps odours contained so your nursery remains fresh!
One-hand operation
Easily operate the Aster with one hand and maintain your baby's comfort while quickly disposing of used diapers!
Kind to your back pocket
The Aster is an economical option, as it works with generic bin liners and includes an initial refill roll of 15 bags - no pricey refills or hidden fees required!
  • Powerful odour-stop system
  • Easy one-hand control
  • BPA, latex & phthalate free
  • Compatible with generic bin liners
  • Includes 1 refill roll (15 bags). Each bag holds up to 25 nappies
  • Bin liner refill packs available
  • Product dimensions 47H x 23.5L x 25.5W cm (handle lowered)